“The first time I called the quitline , I could only think of one thing to do other than smoke: eat cookies. Shortly after that initial phone call, I realized I needed to make more changes. With the assistance of the quitline coaches, I began to look forward to and plan my future, without cigarettes. I ordered the 21-milligram patch from the the quitline and went to work. With my patch on, coaches helped me focus on the benefits of remaining quit. I wanted to be healthier, save money, ride my motorcycle more often, and play music. About a month quit, I noticed big changes in my health. My chronic cough disappeared, I began to breathe better, and I rode my motorcycle more often without problems. I’m even playing the guitar and singing again. I do continue to feel urges and cravings to smoke, but I keep focused on my goal of remaining quit. Three months later, I still sometimes feel urges to smoke, but I can’t imagine ever buying another pack of cigarettes.”