1. How much does the Quitline cost?

  2. How much does nicotine quit medication cost?

  3. Do I need to work with a coach as part of the Quitline?

  4. How do I get started with the Quitline?

  5. How do I work with a Quitline coach?

  6. What type of training does a Quitline coach have?

  7. How long will I work with the Quitline?

  8. What’s the point of a quit plan? Why do I need to fill one out?

  9. Why should I use the Quitline?

  10. I tried to quit smoking before, and it didn’t work. Why should I try again?

  11. I face different challenges than most people—can the Quitline really help me?

  12. Is the Quitline only for people who want to quit smoking cigarettes?

  13. Who operates the Quitline?